Put the FUN in FUNeral Planning Workshop

The 2 hour workshop with artist Katrina Brees offers a fresh approach to death.  The lively atmosphere is filled with kindness, comedy and information regarding some of life’s biggest choices.  Together we explore the various options of disposement including the traditions of cremation and burial as well as less understood methods such as alkaline hydrolysis.

Through a slideshow that takes you around the world to spark your creativity, you will begin to grasp the healing, beauty and fun that funeral rituals can offer.  We will share our ideas and family traditions with the group as we begin to form our unique funeral plans. Funeral planning in class will offer a friendly and caring environment to explore one’s options and spark creativity without commitments.

Legacy is what lives on after we die.  Understanding the legacy we would like to leave helps us truly grasp the meaning of the life we are living.  Leaving money to charities or starting scholarship programs is a great way to build a legacy, but there are many options without cost. By developing our legacies, we give gifts, but also receive them.  By having something positive happen when you die, you will feel more positive about your death.

To book a workshop in your community, please contact Katrina Brees at